For Prayer…

By Prayer

Please pray with us for our partners in Africa.

“Grace Kaziba, the house manager at Faith Babies Home in Uganda, is due to undergo surgery this month. She asks us to pray for funds to cover medical bills, the doctors who will perform the operation and for her complete healing. The 45 children in her care and support staff need Grace to be fit and healthy.”

Grace KazibaFaith Babies Home, Uganda

“Japhet Matugoma is the retired legal representative of Église Évangélique de la Bonne Volonté au Rwanda. His home was severely damaged by landslides earlier this year and the government has advised the local population to relocate as there remains a risk of further landslips in the rainy season. Japhet has lived in this place for around fifty years, it is the family home and there are limited resources to help with a relocation and construction of a new house. Please pray for him as the need is urgent.”

Japhet MatugomaÉglise Évangélique de la Bonne Volonté au Rwanda

“Daniel Odour Gwara is one of APF’s most active training partners. Operating in western Kenya, he reaches eight large groups of leaders and has been training them using eVitabu. During 2023, Daniel’s training has covered topics including prayer, agriculture and vocational skills. Daniel doesn’t have a smartphone so he relies on the goodwill of neighbours and fellow eVitabu users to search and download resources on eVitabu, for email and other online activity. Please pray for the provision of a phone or tablet for Daniel, and others like him, so they can access essential tools of ministry in the digital age.”

Daniel Odour GwaraCentral Rift Baptist Association, Kenya

“Ruth Nalugya is founder of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Network Uganda (SHYNEA), a Ugandan NGO which provides advocacy, practical advice, access to clinical care and awareness raising projects to support children and families living with disability. Ruth is the mother of a child with spina bifida and understands the stigma that can still be associated with disability. Pray for her and give thanks for her strong faith which motivates her work.”

Ruth NalugyaisSpina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Network, Uganda

For Prayer…

By Prayer

Please pray with us for our partners in Africa.

“Lerato Lesoetsa from Lesotho has recently moved to Chad to serve with African Inland Mission. She asks readers to thank God for the financial support that meant she could afford the air tickets and purchase some furniture and a solar panel for her new home. She asks us to pray for her long-term visa application.”

Lerato LesoetsaAIM, Chad

“Revd Charles Munyamahoro is a Free Methodist minister based in Kigali, Rwanda. He also teaches theology at the Free Methodist University in the south west of the country. Charles gives thanks for recent rains in Rwanda and asks that we pray for his students, especially those who are sick at this time.”

Chareles MunyamahoroFree Methodists, Rwanda

“Irene Kaziba is founder and director of Faith Babies Home, an outreach of Iganga Baptist Church in Uganda. She asks for prayer for the provision of food and medical supplies for the 42 children and staff under her care.”

Irene KazibaFaith Babies Home, Uganda

“Esomu Francis, Principal of Atirir Bible School in Teso Region of Uganda gives thanks for funds received from APF for student bursaries but asks that we pray for rains to come as there has been a prolonged dry spell which has impacted yields meaning that food will be scarce in 2024.”

Francis EsomuAtirir Bible School, Uganda

“Winnie Chemutai is a teacher with Transformation Compassion Network in west Kenya. She has a severe health condition which requires regular medical care, the cost of which is a great challenge. Please pray for Winnie’s personal provision and the means to fund her health and home.”

Winnie ChemutaiTCN, Kenya

“Revd Chris Khatela is Senior Pastor of Ngong Restoration Assembly in Kenya and an Associate Lecturer visiting seminaries in East Africa. Chris seeks prayer for provision for the reconstruction of the church sanctuary and travel costs to meet the demand for pastor training.”

Revd Chris KhatelaNgong Restoration Assembly, Kenya

“Sarah Sewagye, a pastor of Living Hope Church in Uganda is concerned for her mother’s help. Her mother requires surgery overseas but the cost is prohibitive and despite having sold land to help fund her treatment her condition has deteriorated.”

Sarah SewagyeLiving Hope Church, Uganda

“Edward Amwayi is Archbishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church (Kenya). He requests prayer to enable the recruitment, training and resourcing of evangelists.”

Edward AmwayiWorldwide Anglican Church, Kenya

“Rev Joel Agel Awio from NUICA in Lira, northern Uganda says that his region used to receive a very reliable rainfall especially in the second wet season (July to November) but there has been no rain since May. He asks for prayer as hunger has already hit and is expected to worsen towards the end of the year.”

Rev Joel Agel AwioNUICA, Uganda

For Prayer…

By Prayer

Please pray with us for our partners in Africa.

““Please pray for the introduction of eVitabu to 12 regional overseers and 12 digital natives [young leaders] in November and use of the app throughout our 450 churches in Uganda and 15 churches in eastern DRC.””

Revd Kephous NdinywaNational Overseer, Assemblies of God Uganda

““Please pray for the 43 children we care for most of whom have suffered abandonment, abuse and trauma due to parental neglect, disability or witchcraft.””

Grace KazibaFaith Babies Home and Iganga Baptist Church, Uganda

““Give thanks that I have completed a PhD in Theology. Please pray for the cohort of 20 theology students I teach and mentor through WhatsApp and Zoom due to continuing church closures in Rwanda.””

Emmanuel GateraWord of Life Ministries, Rwanda

““I am running a women’s farming cooperative in the mountains north of Musanze involving around 35 women growing beans, carrots and other crops for sale. Please pray for the women involved and their families.”

Chantil ImanaturikumweÉglise Evangélique de la Bonne Volonté au Rwanda

“Please pray for Jude who is an invaluable friend and helper to APF in Uganda. Pray for his ministry as national director of Teachers Without Borders, leadership of community projects and for his political aspirations.”

Walubo JudeTeachers Without Borders, Uganda

“Jonan is a businessman, rugby coach, pastor and entrepreneur. He is launching VineApp to resource his church members with Christian media. Pray for Jonan as he launches the app and for the new partnership with APF. ”

Manzi JonanKampala, Uganda

“Give thanks for this wonderful group of women (listed below) who recently participated in the Africa Training Partners Digital Theology workshop in Kampala. Pray for them as they share their learning with the women, children and church networks they serve.”

Harriet Sokiri (South Sudan), Rose Mugabi and Allyce Jossy (Uganda), Kesiah Luoga (Tanzania) and Hellen Rutto (Kenya)

For Prayer…

By Prayer

This month, we’re inviting you to join us in prayer for some upcoming trips including visits to partners in Rwanda and Uganda later this Spring. Please also pray that we will have enough funding to accept invitations to South Sudan, Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe later this year.


Please pray for Dave who will be travelling to Rwanda in May. Pray for those he will be meeting in Rwanda including:

  • Victor Imanaturikumwe and leaders in the Église Évangélique de la Bonne Volante au Rwanda who will be trained to use eVitabu.
  • Bishop Assiel and clergy in Kigeme Diocese where parish priests have received solar power systems for home lighting and for mobile phone charging businesses.
  • Charles Munyamahoro from the Free Methodist denomination who is supporting untrained pastors achieve starter level qualifications at Wisdom Bible School.
  • Emmanuel Gatera from Word of Life Ministries. Dave and Emmanuel will be training pastors from this network of churches to use eVitabu.


After Rwanda, Dave will move onto Uganda. Please pray for three major APF conferences with Ugandan partners including:

  • Church of Uganda Provincial Secretariat where Dave will be following up on the eVitabu launch last year and working with selected clergy who will be trained to implement the national roll-out of eVitabu across the Church of Uganda.
  • International Association of Evangelical Chaplains exploring ministry in conflict zones and in majority Muslim nations.
  • Pastors Discipleship Network for Digital Theology workshops.

Elsewhere in Africa

Please also pray for funding so we can accept invitations for Dave or Geoff to deliver eVitabu induction workshops with:

  • New Nation Church in South Sudan.
  • Masasi Diocese in southwest Tanzania.
  • And possibly the Diocese of Southern Malawi and SIM Zimbabwe.

We are trying to make fewer but more focussed international visits, so please pray for “journey mercies”, as they say in Africa, and for the resources needed to fund these exciting and strategic opportunities.

Thank you!

For Prayer…

By Prayer

Please pray with us for our partners in Africa.

“As a trainer working with widows and single mums helping them identify local resources to improve their livelihoods, we need your prayers for funds to travel to the places of training and for new training materials.”

Winnie KoechTransformational Compassion Network, Kenya

“Most women in South Sudan are single mothers due to civil war. They have hardships caring for their families. Pray for me and my vision to train them in tailoring and to open a nursery school for children from poor families.”

Harriet Namirembe SokiriNew Nation Church, South Sudan

“Women comprise over half of the membership of churches in Uganda yet face many barriers to fully participating in leadership. Pray that women would be allowed to lead at church and community level in Uganda.

Rose MugabiPastors’ Discipleship Network, Uganda

“I have a few prayer requests so this intercession is highly appreciated. Pray for financial independence for New Beginnings Foundation in our work with victims of abuse and violence, for a lifetime companion and for my health.”

Ivy KabagambeNew Beginnings Foundation, Uganda

“Pray for women ministers in Africa who have to minister and take care of their families, especially now as costs go up and money is a bit tight here in Mombasa and also worldwide.”

Catherine Wanjuguini NgariCatherine Evangelistic Ministry and Vocational School, Kenya

“As we serve our clients, we’re praying we will provide relevant guidance for their organisations. We have some interventions and we really need God’s guidance and the right resources to design and execute them well.”

Brenda AbejaEaglelite Associates, Uganda

“Besides my role as college principal, I was also given responsibility over a local parish while the college was on holiday. However, there is no recess in the college administrative duties. Please pray for me in this challenge.”

Revd Elizabeth CheruiyotSt Paul’s Theological College Kapsabet, Kenya

For Prayer…

By Prayer

Please pray with us for our partners in Africa.

“Pray that God will give us the resources so the community of Kibalya can have a maternity health facility, that we would be able to buy bibles for rural churches, and have the resources to train pastors for ministry.”

Bishop Nason BalukuSouth Rwenzori Diocese, Uganda

“With AMISOM peacekeeping force came Christians in uniform and other humanitarian peacekeepers including myself. Pray for all working for the salvation and restoration of this beautiful nation and its people.”

Daniel MasigaChristian Leaders Fellowship Mogadishu, Somalia

“Pray for the economic stability of Uganda as the inflation rate keeps rising. Lack of essential items always triggers a wave of crime so please pray for those who find themselves in desperate times and cannot afford basics.”

Brenda AbejaEagleLite Associates, Uganda

“Our prayer for our ministry at Juba in South Sudan is for funds to buy additional land for new churches. Secondly, we need a financial break through to open a school to provide education for local children.”

Alex SokiriNew Nation Church, South Sudan

“Please pray for me as I try and publish two books , for Judie’s PhD studies, for our three sons at university and for my elderly parents. Pray for Kenya and the continued spread of God’s transformative Word across the nation.”

Chris Khatela and Judie MmosiNgong Restoration Assembly, Kenya

“We’re constructing one of our local church’s buildings, please pray so we can complete the building soon. Our church community school want to construct a school building so please keep us in your prayers..”

Clinton GbawohCentral Christian Assembly, Liberia

“Give thanks that our training in marginalised areas of East Pokot is going on well. Please pray for the Pokot Bible Project and for the Pastors Camel Project. Also please pray the nation of Kenya as we prepare for elections.”

Shadrack Maiyo KomaNorth Rift Pastors’ Fellowship, Kenya

“Thank you for your prayers for my sister-in-law, Sally. Her operation was successful but doctors found cancer. She begins chemotherapy soon and has lots of pain. Please keep her, her husband and children in your prayers.”

Abraham KoechAfrica Inland Church, Kapsabet, Kenya

“Pray with me for donors to help fund ABS student tuition and administrative costs, and that ABS will be chartered to offer Certificate of Theology courses by National Council for Higher Education in Uganda.”

Francis EsomuAtirir Bible School, Soroti, Uganda

“TCN members elected a new board last year. Lets pray that they will catch up and take TCN to greater heights. Pray with us to get enough funding for income generation projects and for leaders graduating from TCN courses.”

Walter RuttoTransformational Compassion Network, Kenya

“Please pray with me for the funds to pay for my Master’s Degree in Theology and for our plans to start a Bible School in Lumbumbashi. Pray also for clean water provision in the local communities as this will raise the standard of living.”

Bertin MwanyaCongo Pastors’ Fellowship, Lumbumbashi, DRC

“Pray for my ministry as I am planning to do church planting in another area within Lusaka. I believe it will be a great opportunity to share the gospel and train new leaders using the eVitabu resources in this new area.”

Lawson LimaoWord of God Ministries, Zambia

“According to Rwandan law governing churches, an uneducated pastor cannot lead a church. If APF did not support my theological studies our church would now be disqualified. Give thanks to God for this support.”

Victor ImanaturikumweEglise Evangélique de la Bonne Volonté au Rwanda

“I feel a heavy burden for the pastors in this generation who need help. Pray that I will remain focused and for our coaching, counselling and training activities and programmes in Mukono and ministry target areas.”

Peter MugabiCephas Leadership Foundation, Uganda

“Pray for pastors who are suffering due to inflation to reach their churches in remote areas, and for 25 Baptist churches closed by the government as their buildings only have grass roofs or are too close to other churches.”

Jean Jacques MasaboBaptist Union of Burundi

“Please pray for revival in our churches in the Central Rift Region, pray for peace for our country during this election period, and pray for God’s provision as I attend a conference in the US in October and November.”

Simon LabosoCentral Rift Baptist Regional Convention, Kenya

“Following tropical storms and Cyclone Gombe that devastated our crops and infrastructure, praise God that we have replanted the maize we lost with assistance from APF. Pray now for a good winter crop harvest.”

Lloyd ChizengaNew Life Christian Church, Malawi

“Please pray for me as I pursue my Doctoral program in church ministry and leadership. Pray for the provision of ministry partners who will walk with the PDN women’s ministry team to bring training to women leaders.”

Rose MugabiPastors’ Discipleship Network, Uganda

“We pray for the ministry of evangelisation in Gakenke and Rulindo Districts in Rwanda and for students at Wisdom Bible School. Heavenly Farther, let the Word of God become light in these days affected by war in Ukraine and DRC.”

Charles MunyamahoroWisdom Bible School, Rwanda

“Please pray for me, for more grace in my God given gift to help pastors and church leaders. Pray for Tanzania, we’re facing inflation and life seems to be so tough as the Russia-Ukraine war shakes out our country’s economy.”

Heavenlight LuogaDeeper Life Ministries, Tanzania