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Whilst visiting Uganda in the 1970s, Revd Derek Blundell saw the great need for pastor training in Africa. Back in the UK, he set up the African Pastors’ Fund, placing theological literature in local African languages, bicycles and other tools in the hands of African pastors.

Renamed African Pastors Fellowship, the charity was registered in 1981 and quickly built a committed supporter base, diversified its training and ministry portfolio, forged strong inter-denominational links and developed partnerships with church networks across East Africa.

With a reputation for working in pioneering ways, APF has always targeted support at church leaders living in marginalised and remote African communities.

“Derek Blundell came with the aim to assist pastors through teaching, transport and literature. During the time of Ralph Hanger cottage industry workshops were added which greatly benefitted pastor’s wives to generate income to support the ministry. The emphasis on literature, especially in our local languages and encouragement to local authors has been greatly appreciated.”

Rt. Revd. Francis Ntiruka, Former Bishop of Tabora, Tanzania


Rt Revd Godfrey Sehaba
Bishop of Morogoro, Tanzania

Rt Revd Dr Christopher Cocksworth
Bishop of Coventry

Revd Dr Michael Okwakol
President of the All-Africa Baptist Alliance


Revd Richard Suffern (Chair)

John Chambers (Treasurer)

Andrew Richardson

Revd Richard Tucker

Revd David Howard

Revd Andrew North

Anne Lyttle


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