A unique mobile app

APF have created a unique mobile app called eVitabu that contains an entire library of text, audio and video resources. Through eVitabu, key ministry and training resources are being placed into the hands of African pastors for the first time. eVitabu can be installed to Android phones or tablets. The resources on eVitabu have been provided by academic institutions, development agencies, publishers and prominent Christian leaders and many are available in a range of languages.

And the library’s growing. New resources are being added all the time. Since its launch in 2018, eVitabu has improved access to biblical and theological knowledge, pioneered community engagement, encouraged church planting initiatives, tackled poverty and inspired peace and reconciliation programmes. eVitabu is currently being used by hundreds of leaders across Africa.

See how eVitabu is being used by South Sudanese refugees.

Watch how eVitabu is helping a remote Bible school in Uganda

Sponsor an eVitabu user

Keep eVitabu completely free for African church and community leaders by sponsoring an African eVitabu user today. Just £5 per month, less than the price of a paperback book, gives an African church leader access to an entire library of books and training resources.

Your donation will help us with our work in Africa such as keeping eVitabu freely available to church leaders using the app on their own smart phone or tablet.

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Give a Tablet!

Give an African pastor an Android tablet pre-installed with the eVitabu app. £250 provides a pastor with a tablet in a robust silicon case, complete with a tough screen protector. We’ve set up each tablet specially and test it thoroughly so it’s the perfect platform for running eVitabu.

You can make a one-off gift of a tablet or set up a regular donation to support the ongoing development of this groundbreaking ministry. Thank you!


Know someone who could benefit?

If you know someone who could benefit from eVitabu, contact us using this online form and request an eVitabu sign-up. We can normally help African church leaders get set up and using eVitabu very quickly.

eVitabu can also be downloaded from Google Play Store here:

eVitabu has the potential to change the face of Christianity in Africa. Churches in Africa struggle as pastors have little access to relevant training. eVitabu changes all that.

Revd Richmond WanderaPastors' Discipleship Network

eVitabu is a unique resource. A mobile app full of text, audio and visual training resources in languages spoken across Africa, perfect for even the most isolated locations. This is pioneering work.

Revd Dr Kate ColemanNext Leadership