Please pray with us for our partners in Africa.

“Lerato Lesoetsa from Lesotho has recently moved to Chad to serve with African Inland Mission. She asks readers to thank God for the financial support that meant she could afford the air tickets and purchase some furniture and a solar panel for her new home. She asks us to pray for her long-term visa application.”

Lerato LesoetsaAIM, Chad

“Revd Charles Munyamahoro is a Free Methodist minister based in Kigali, Rwanda. He also teaches theology at the Free Methodist University in the south west of the country. Charles gives thanks for recent rains in Rwanda and asks that we pray for his students, especially those who are sick at this time.”

Chareles MunyamahoroFree Methodists, Rwanda

“Irene Kaziba is founder and director of Faith Babies Home, an outreach of Iganga Baptist Church in Uganda. She asks for prayer for the provision of food and medical supplies for the 42 children and staff under her care.”

Irene KazibaFaith Babies Home, Uganda

“Esomu Francis, Principal of Atirir Bible School in Teso Region of Uganda gives thanks for funds received from APF for student bursaries but asks that we pray for rains to come as there has been a prolonged dry spell which has impacted yields meaning that food will be scarce in 2024.”

Francis EsomuAtirir Bible School, Uganda

“Winnie Chemutai is a teacher with Transformation Compassion Network in west Kenya. She has a severe health condition which requires regular medical care, the cost of which is a great challenge. Please pray for Winnie’s personal provision and the means to fund her health and home.”

Winnie ChemutaiTCN, Kenya

“Revd Chris Khatela is Senior Pastor of Ngong Restoration Assembly in Kenya and an Associate Lecturer visiting seminaries in East Africa. Chris seeks prayer for provision for the reconstruction of the church sanctuary and travel costs to meet the demand for pastor training.”

Revd Chris KhatelaNgong Restoration Assembly, Kenya

“Sarah Sewagye, a pastor of Living Hope Church in Uganda is concerned for her mother’s help. Her mother requires surgery overseas but the cost is prohibitive and despite having sold land to help fund her treatment her condition has deteriorated.”

Sarah SewagyeLiving Hope Church, Uganda

“Edward Amwayi is Archbishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church (Kenya). He requests prayer to enable the recruitment, training and resourcing of evangelists.”

Edward AmwayiWorldwide Anglican Church, Kenya

“Rev Joel Agel Awio from NUICA in Lira, northern Uganda says that his region used to receive a very reliable rainfall especially in the second wet season (July to November) but there has been no rain since May. He asks for prayer as hunger has already hit and is expected to worsen towards the end of the year.”

Rev Joel Agel AwioNUICA, Uganda