Message from Archbishop of Uganda Stephen Kaziimba

Coronavirus third wave

The third wave is hitting many parts of Africa hard. Vaccines are in short supply as those made in India are diverted for domestic use. Problems getting hold of enough vaccine doses means many African countries are struggling to protect their most vulnerable populations.

Funding shortfalls, few healthcare professionals to give doses and vaccine hesitancy from misinformation and mistrust are all challenges needing to be overcome. Difficulties targeting priority groups and remote and scattered rural populations are also holding back vaccine rollout.

The pandemic has seriously disrupted essential health and immunisation services across Africa. Professionals involved in immunisations programmes for diseases like measles have been reallocated to deal with Covid-19 risking new outbreaks. Fear of contracting the virus has led to lower numbers of patients seeking care for other conditions.

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Coronavirus is both close to home and far away but the poor face the biggest risks. Poor sanitation, food shortages, price increases, no access to testing or healthcare facilities, misinformation, and few social safety nets compound the cultural challenges of self-isolation. As cases of coronavirus rise across sub-Saharan Africa, please give generously to our Covid-19 Relief Appeal.

African people face a staggering threat from coronavirus but local faith leaders are well placed to help. With your gifts, APF’s partners are providing essential hygiene and sanitation equipment, emergency food supplies, urgent medical care, running costs while lockdowns close churches and funds dry up, and start-up funding for micro-businesses and income generation projects helping to see families through lockdowns.

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