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Our Mission

The church in Africa is growing faster than in any other part of the world today. God is very much on the move! This is good news, but presents a challenge. In Africa, it is estimated that 90% of church leaders may never have received even one day of formal training. Across the developing world 3.2 million pastors are untrained or undertrained.

Good training is vitally important. It means that local church leaders are equipped with a sound knowledge of the Bible, can offer effective Christian leadership appropriate for their contexts, and serve their communities in their words and actions.

The vision of the African Pastors Fellowship (APF) is to empower Christian leaders and enable effective ministry that brings community transformation through the local church. Partnership is central to APF’s approach as we work hand-in-hand with church and community leaders from a broad denominational spectrum including the Anglican, Baptist, Free Methodist, Lutheran and Pentecostal traditions.

We do this in three ways...

Hearing African Voices

The church is growing faster in sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else in the world. APF is committed to providing a platform to enable African voices to be heard. By giving the African church a bigger voice and sharing news of what God is doing in Africa’s churches and communities, we can learn from each other and be encouraged.

Pastoring of Pastors

APF build long-term partnerships with African church networks to help them reach their own leadership development objectives, supporting locally-led training workshops for rural pastors, helping church leaders access essential tools such as Bibles in local languages, bicycles and solar power, and providing access to pastoral care and mentoring.

Flourishing Communities

APF equip African church leaders to serve their communities and tackle poverty, inequality and environmental challenges. The local African church is perfectly placed to promote sustainable development, address food insecurity and climate change impacts so that the whole community benefits.

How we’ve helped

APF’s commitment to building long-standing collaborative relationships, training seminars and provision of Swahili literature is benefitting church-growth and ministry in schools and local communities throughout Tanzania.

Revd. Amos NkiniDirector of Education, Scripture Union, Tanzania

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