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Can you help APF in the cost-of-living crisis?

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2022 has seen APF move forward in Africa, but it has also been hugely challenging here in the UK.

In Africa:

eVitabu on smartphone•    There are now around 1,250 African leaders using eVitabu (our pastor training library and resource hub app). Through these leaders, the resources on eVitabu are reaching over a million people in their church congregations. Christian and community development resources are being used to improve both spiritual and physical well-being in many villages, towns and cities across Africa. To date, however, there are just 80 eVitabu users being sponsored. Increasing this number will help us improve the app and grow the numbers using it in Africa.
•    Dozens of grants for in-service training conferences led by brilliant African leaders, covering topics such as marriage, IT, capacity building and leadership development, and academic sponsorships, have been disbursed in Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

•    Pastoral grants and resources for ministry have been sent to support individual needs and community initiatives. These include bikes for rural pastors, local language Bibles, medical costs, school fees, equipment for ministry and sustainable agriculture training.

All this, and more, is how APF are enabling effective ministry in Africa.

We’re looking forward to building on these advances in 2023, but huge financial challenges largely related to funding our essential UK costs put this at risk.

Despite our best efforts to increase income and manage expenditure, the cost-of-living crisis is hitting APF hard. We now face difficult decisions such as asking staff to reduce their salaries or cut working hours which will impact APF’s effectiveness in Africa.

We realise times are uncertain for everyone, but we passionately believe the Lord has begun a good work through APF. The potential for eVitabu is especially vast. As such, we are inviting all friends and supporters of APF to stand with us in prayer at this challenging time.

If you already give to APF or sponsor a pastor using eVitabu, please can we take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity.

If not, it would be of huge help if you might consider setting up a regular donation here:


To sponsor a pastor using eVitabu, click here:


To set up a standing order, use the CAF Bank account detailed below:

   Account name: African Pastors Fellowship
   Account number: 00016972
   Sort code: 40-52-40

Or post a cheque, made payable to ‘African Pastors Fellowship’.

Thank you so much for your continued support and please do contact us if you have questions, ideas or encouragement to share.

Yours sincerely,

Revd Dave Stedman

Andrew Richardson

50 miles in three days for Covid

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In July, APF CEO, Dave Stedman, and Projects Coordinator, Geoff Holder, accompanied by Geoff’s dog Dylan, tackled 50 miles of Offa’s Dyke Path in the Welsh Marches in three days. They were fundraising to help APF partners tackle Covid-19 in Africa and generous sponsors donated over £3,000 for the walk. Geoff describes some of the ups and downs (literally) of their hike. 

We set off bright and early from the Welsh market town of Monmouth. The first day took in green, rolling Monmouthshire farmland, the skyline increasingly dominated by Ysgyryd Fawr, a mountain known locally as The Skirrid.

Neither Dave nor I had had a chance to do any real preparation before we started. By mid-afternoon we were both feeling it, but the long-term effects of Dave’s encounter with Covid were beginning to concern both of us. Fortunately, a banana, my brief history lesson about why the Mercian king Offa probably didn’t build his dyke along this part of the Welsh border, and a decent pause meant we were able to stumble on and finish the stage.

After the laboured climb onto Hatterrall Ridge, the second day took us up into the magnificent Black Mountains. With spectacular views in every direction we made good progress until I had to retrace my steps after losing Dylan’s lead somewhere near the summit of Hay Bluff.

The final stretch to Kington included the most varied terrain: lush river valley meadows and deep wooded dingles, craggy upland ridges and ancient green lanes. Our blisters and cramps were soothed by messages of encouragement from African friends affected by Covid-19.

2021 has been a good year for sponsored walks with APF staff and trustees raising nearly £10,000 from a wide range of different sorts of hikes, treks, strolls and rambles.  In addition to part of Offa’s Dyke Path, 70 x 70 minute dog walks and the entire length of the Chesterfield Canal have all been conquered.  

 Why not plan your own sponsored walk for APF next year? Get in touch if you’d like to have a go at a sponsored event or activity of your own. We can help you set up a sponsorship web page, share what your doing on social media and generate some support.