The latest news from APF partners in Uganda including Pastors’ Discipleship Network, Bishop Lee Rayfield Leadership College and Bibles in Bushenyi.

Growing partnership with PDN

The Pastors Discipleship Network (PDN) in Uganda received an APF grant to help them host a youth leaders training conference later this year. This exciting development coincides with PDN’s construction of a new university campus, Cornerstone University, in partnership with American funders. Cornerstone University will offer a comprehensive curriculum ranging from certificate programs to master’s degrees, with a unique focus on integrating Digital Theology into all courses. Dave is actively supporting the PDN/Cornerstone team by contributing to curriculum development and will participate in some teaching.

Bishop Lee Rayfeild Leadership College

Reverend Charles Okidi leads Bishop Lee Rayfield Leadership College (BLRLC), a Church of Uganda institution in rural northern Uganda. Despite the college’s basic infrastructure, Charles has a visionary plan to use technology to enhanced training of clergy and lay leaders. Recognising this potential, APF recently awarded BLRLC a digital tools grant to kickstart the design and development of a college website.

Bibles to Bushenyi

Pastor Rukundo Abel, who leads the YWAM training center in Jinja, spearheads the “End Bible Poverty Now” initiative. Recognising the need for access to scripture, APF approved a grant in January to distribute 100 local language Bibles to churches in Bushenyi district.

Connecting with Somalia

During Dave’s visit to Uganda in December, he met with Philip Onen and Lt Paul Koyoa in Kampala. Philip runs the Community First Project which reaches some of the 40,000 Somalis living in the city with the gospel, vocational and IT training courses. Paul is an officer in the Ugandan army medical corp. as well as being an army chaplain and Regional Director for the International Evangelical Association of Chaplains. Together with APF and others within Somalia, we are working together to reach Somalis for Christ. One important aspect of this ministry comes through Christian leadership training for Ugandan civilian and military personnel serving in UNSOM (the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Somalia).

Tree planting in Bulogo

Walubo Jude Tadeo is a force of nature in Bulogo. Since 2018, he has been tirelessly planting trees for a greener future, exceeding a remarkable 50,000 trees planted. From eucalyptus and mahogany to mango and avocado, he’s diversifying the landscape for a flourishing ecosystem. Jude’s dedication extends beyond environmental efforts. He’s also planning pastor training conferences, providing management and support to the Bulogo Women’s Cooperative, and launching vocational training courses – all thanks to an APF annual African Training Partner grant.

Bible commentaries

APF supporters have donated both new and used Bible commentaries to APF. These have been sent to Uganda using our preferred shipping agent, Salabed. Our good friend Peter Mugabi will sift though the books, making use of some for personal study and donate others to rural bible schools and the networks of pastors he serves through Cephas Leadership Foundation.