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African Pastors Fellowship
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We are registered as a Charity in England and Wales, and our registration number is: 282756
We are registered as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998, and our Data Protection Register number is: Z6733085

Any electronic communications will be made in accordance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

What information to we collect

We collect the personal information you provide us with as part of online donations, through donation forms, e-newsletter sign ups, registering for events, surveys and meetings with our staff. We also collect how you want to hear from us (your contact preferences).

The personal information we collect may include:
• Title, name and gender
• Postal address, email address, telephone number and mobile number
• Family & spouse/partner details, relationships to other donors or organisations
• Current interests and activities relevant to African Pastors Fellowship’s work and our fundraising

We also collect and hold information about the contact you make and activities you take part in with African Pastors Fellowship and this may consist of:
• Donation details
• Event registration/attendance
• Direct Debit details where applicable
• Gift Aid status
• Gifts in Will information
• Details of correspondence sent to you or received from you
• Responses to surveys sent to you
• Any other information provided by yourself that is relevant to your relationship with African Pastors Fellowship

Why we collect this information

We collect personal information from you to enable us to administer your donations correctly and to help us build a positive relationship by contacting you in a way that is personal and relevant to you. This also helps African Pastors Fellowship to be as efficient as possible in using its resources for marketing and other contact with supporters.
We use data you provide us with, in combination with the contact permissions you agree to at the time we collect your data. You can change your contact preferences at any time by contacting us.

There are some communications that we are required to send regardless of your contact preferences. These are essential communications, deemed necessary to fulfil our administrative obligations to you. This would include Direct Debit confirmations and advanced notices, thank you letters, Gift Aid confirmation letters and querying returned mail, incomplete cheques or bounced Direct Debit payments with you. We will give you the option to opt in to other forms of marketing communication.

Gift Aid

To claim Gift Aid on your donations from the HMRC, we need to hold records of your name and address, your tax status and donation details. Ensuring this information is accurate ensures that we claim Gift Aid correctly and can increase the value of the donations you give to us.

Financial Audit

We need to hold information about donations that you give to us to meet financial auditing requirements but also to help us understand how you support African Pastors Fellowship so that we can talk to you about fundraising and supporting our work in a way that is relevant to you.

Areas of Interest

We may hold information about your particular areas of interest so we can send information to you about those aspects of our work. For example, if you tell us you have a link with Malawi, we may then contact you in the future about a new Malawi project we are setting up.

Address Information

We hold your address details so that, if we have your permission, we can post newsletters, appeals and other information to you. We will also hold your address information on our database so that if you request us to no longer contact you, we can keep a record to ensure we remove you from any mailings in the future.

What we do with your information

All the information we keep is stored on our secure database on the Google Cloud Service in compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). For more information on how Google Cloud Services conform to GDPR visit: https://www.google.com/cloud/security/gdpr.
Depending on your relationship with African Pastors Fellowship, and the preferences you have indicated, data we hold may be used by us for the following purposes:

1. To send you promotional, marketing or fundraising information by post, telephone or electronic means. These types of communications can include:
• Our quarterly news and prayer updates about African Pastors Fellowship
• Our quarterly e-newsletter
• Our twice-yearly appeal and monthly e-newsletters.
• To ask you to consider supporting us in other ways such as taking part in events
• Informing you of other activities or events related to African Pastors Fellowship such as volunteering
• To send you annual preference surveys to update what you receive, and for supporter research purposes
• Other relevant communications based upon your relationship with African Pastors Fellowship

2. To check if we have accurate contact details for you, we will review our records and ensure they are as accurate as possible. We may consult alternative sources to undertake these checks such as:
• Royal Mail National Change of Address database (NCOA) to ensure that we don’t send mail to old addresses
• Deceased Records (Mortascreen) to ensure that we do not cause upset by contacting somebody who has recently deceased

3.To monitor the effectiveness of our communications with you, including email tracking, which records when an e-newsletter from us is opened and/or how many links are clicked within the message. The data from this tracking is generally used in an aggregated and anonymised form.

4. To use your previous engagement with African Pastors Fellowship to find relevant information for activities or to tailor communication. Examples might be:
• That you live in a postcode near to an event we are holding
• That you previously gave to an appeal which we have the opportunity to repeat
• Research to help us understand our donors and potential donors.

Targeted and appropriate fundraising is more cost-effective for African Pastors Fellowship. If you do not want African Pastors Fellowship to do research or profiling work in relation to your information, you can tell us by contacting us using any of the details above.
We may combine the information you have given us with other publicly available information and create a profile of your interests and preferences, where they are relevant to engaging with African Pastors Fellowship. We do this to help us determine whether and in what ways you might be interested in helping us. Examples might be:
• That you are a church leader
• That you are a trustee of a grant making trust that exists to support compatible work in Africa
• That you are a known philanthropist with an interest in and potential to give to our work

Our staff carry out this work in house. Such research would be carried out where we have an opportunity to engage at a significant level or depth (so we do not research or profile most of our donors or other interested parties). Examples might be:
• When you are meeting with our CEO or a trustee
• When you have been referred by an existing high level African Pastors Fellowship donor in your peer group who has introduced you to our work and you would like to meet with us
• When you have self-identified through a high-level gift or other senior level engagement

We also do this work to try to minimize any negative impact on your relationship with African Pastors Fellowship. Examples might be:
• Asking for a donation or an inappropriate level of donation
• Trying to engage you in activities about which you have no interest or no influence

Where you are not already an African Pastors Fellowship supporter, we will direct you to this privacy policy at the first available opportunity after any engagement with you.
If you have any questions about this or if you would like to tell us more about yourself and your interests in relation to African Pastors Fellowship, please get in touch.

Due diligence research

African Pastors Fellowship’s trustees have a duty to ensure that there is no reputational or other risk to the organisation in accepting a gift or other support. We may therefore need to carry out research which is necessary to ensure we comply with this duty. For more information on the type of information required and the circumstances when this might apply, you can visit this Charity Commission link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/charities-due-diligence-checks-and-monitoring-end-use-of-funds and refer to Chapter 2, Tool 6: “Know your donor”.

Your contact preferences

When we ask you for your personal information, we will let you know why we are asking and how we will use your data. We do this in a short data security notice on all our printed and online forms which displays a link to this policy. We will ask you for your consent to use any of the details you have provided. You can change how we use the information you have provided to us at any time by letting us know your preferences.
For example, if you provide us with consent to use your email address by completing those details on a form, the information notice will explain how often and with what information we will use those details to contact you.

Sharing your information

African Pastors Fellowship will not to sell, trade or rent your personal information to anyone. We do not disclose personal data other than to data processes carrying out work on our behalf under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Any such companies are acting as approved data processors for African Pastors Fellowship, and we retain full responsibility for your personal data. Data processors will act only on our instructions.
Examples of these data processors include mail fulfilment services (currently Yeomans Marketing) for mailing printed newsletters or an email distribution service (currently Mail Chimp).

This may involve transferring your personal information overseas. For example, our bulk email distributor, Mail Chimp, is based in the USA so we transfer email records to them for our quarterly e-newsletter. Their systems comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

We may disclose to third-party partners aggregate statistics regarding donations, but these statistics do not include any personally identifying information. The information given includes: total number of donors and total amount of donations for specific periods of time. Aggregate information of this kind is used to improve our fundraising.

We use a third-party financial institution to process our credit card transactions. They receive the credit card number and other personal information of our donors only to verify credit card numbers and to process credit card transactions in a secure environment.

How long do we keep your data

We will check your preferences every year through an Annual Preference Survey to ensure that you are still happy with the way that we contact you. You can make changes at any time by emailing us or calling 01227 681186.
You have a right for your data being removed from our database. If you ask to be removed from our mailing lists or if you make no engagement with African Pastors Fellowship for a period of 3 years, we will remove your name, address details and donation history from our database, retaining only anonymised information for financial auditing purposes.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We regularly review our data security and privacy practices and may make changes to this policy from time to time. Any changes made will be posted to this page and will apply from the time we post them. This privacy notice was last updated on 14th December 2020.


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